Installing Mirror Heating to a Land Rover Defender

by Espen S. Johnsen

I recently bought a Heated Mirror Kit for my Defender through eBay. The kit contained instructions for a quick and easy installation, but I wanted something that looked less "aftermarket". So I spent a few hours trying to achieve this, and in the end the result turned out pretty well. The following is a summary of what I did, and could be used as alternative fitting instructions. If your car is not a LHD or not a 2001 MY some deviation from the described procedure may be needed.

Preparing for cable inside cab

Removing door hinges and mirrors.

This is easiest done by removing the stud securing the trim casing in the top front so that a half moon ring spanner can be inserted. Open the door, wind down the window and unscrew the screws from the outside. Use a helping hand to hold up the door while doing this. When done carefully close the door and lock it so you don't open it accidently. Finally unscrew hinge from the firewall and separate mirror from hinge. Repeat the procedure for the other door.

Drilling and feeding cable through arms

Mirror housings and glass

Mirror Housing

Remounting mirrors and hinges

Completing the wiring

More pictures to follow...

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